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I think you guys should leave Hikarih alone. He/she was proven (from good screenshots I hope) that he/she scams people and admitted him/herself that he/she is a "dirty scammer". No need to press further onto the issue. If he/she doesn't like being accused of one and isn't one then ask him/her to provide a gift history screenshot here. You can't trust his/her words anymore. It's too contradicting.

There's also no need to see the person in-game and ambush them with "OMG SCAMMER!" "Look at!". By doing this not only are you stooping down to their level, you're also giving a somewhat negative image for MMOG to the viewers around you in-game (Yes, catching scammers are good but you don't have to go so far as to ambush the scammer and calling them names. If they're already proven to be one, just note it in your mind and leave it be). If you were Hikarih or another player in-game and you saw these dialogues you'd think "Wow... people from are so rude". At least, that's what I'm interpreting atm from these screenshots.

Isn't the point of this thread to alert myshop buyers of scammers? Even though you're not supposed to be buying myshop in the first place... It's turning into a thread that bashes people who scam in-game. They may be scammers but if you're making their gaming experience just as miserable, you're just the same as them - taking out the enjoyment of the game.

Note: I'm not sticking up for any side. I'm just stating my opinion after seeing countless of posts and actions of others.

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