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LaTale IGN(s): Genchou
Real Name: ---- DX
Nicknames: None really, except some of my friends call me by a chinese name they made up. @____@;;
Birthday: June 12
Messenger: MSN--giruguru at gmail dot com
Hobbies: reading, collecting stickers, collecting quarters, talking
Timezone/Place: GMT -5 I believe
Favourites: (ie. favourite music, food, shows...etc.) I love chewing gum but I'm trying to quit and it's working so far. ;[ I listen to almost anything except gospel and country music.. I like rock, pop, metal, r&b and occasionally, hip hop and soooomtimes classical music. :x I am currently listening to D'espairsRay, Dir en grey, DBSK (<3333) and F.T.Island the most.
I enjoy watching dramas/shows. I'm not a (big) fan of bloody/disgustingly romantic stuff.
Dreams/ Future Goals: (what do you want to be in the future?..etc.) I need to work harder in school and do better--a lot better. And a future goal I have is to be more polite and try to not be brutually honest to some people.
Bio/ Other things about you: (a couple of phrases describing you)
I hardly get angry in front of people and try to be tolerant. However, if I feel really pissed, people can tell just from seeing the look on my face. ;x Aaaand then people either ask me what's wrong over and over again, or they avoid me and act unusually kind towards me. I'm If I'm angry/irritated at a friend, I'll at most tell them 'It gets really irritating sometimes...' and if I remember, I'll explain why I said what I said to them. However, they usually understand what made me irritated/angry so... yeah.

I'm horribly at explaining things in a chronological (did I spell it correctly?) order.
I eat slow. It drives some of my friends nuts watching me eat my food and taking ages. If I try eating fast, I end up choking and/or not chewing my food properly. I lead a pretty insipid life so there's not much to say. ;[
Does it count if I say that my internet explorer is being uncooperative and not loading pages properly? Oh, and I have a horrible time showing my feelings/emotions properly. For example, if I am really happy to see someone, I want to hug them so badly but I sometimes just say 'oh hey' and leave it at that. Some people think I'm a cold person who hardly smiles. ;-;
[I spent like twenty minutes thinking of what to write. Eww]

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