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IGN: Eiki
Class: AFK-ER lt_mage
Level: Less than yours.
Guild: FrenchBread

LaTale IGN(s): Eiki, Riyuei
Real Name: Eric
Nicknames: Eiki. And Icky I suppose, but that was due to people not pronouncing Eiki correctly.
Birthday: October 14 (Libra)
Messenger: MSN:
Weird screename I know, but I made it a long time ago. I never check that email anymore though, so don't send me anything there cause I'll never find it.
Hobbies: Appreciating good art and literature, and wishing I had the time (and skill I suppose) to create my own. I'd like to pick up drawing/writing/poetry again, but I'm always so busy. Also lurking forums of course, since half the time I can't be bothered to post.
Timezone/Place: PST, California
Favourites: I've listened to a wide variety of music before, though currently I'm spamming Rie Fu all day long. Before then I think it was Radiohead. It really depends on my mood, but generally songs where you can lay back on a couch, close your eyes, and be swept away. Also inspiring or catchy songs that make me wanna dance. ;D
I don't really have any favourite foods, since I'll pretty much eat anything. Food's not a big deal to me. ;x
I also like rainy days and strolling through the streets surrounded by the pitter-patter of raindrops against my umbrella. It's a very serene moment for me.
Dreams/ Future Goals: Being happy. What else is there to wish for?
Bio/ Other things about you: HAI GUISES. Prolly a bit late for me to introduce myself now, but just so you can get to know your resident ickypoke better. I'm a lazy bum going into a field dominated by hardcore GPA grinders. Aka, I'm a pre-med student. One day I'll be performing brain surgery on you! Or maybe not, I have shaky hands...
Anyhow, I'm a 2nd year college student likely specializing in Neurology or Psychology. I'm interested in why people do the strange things that they do, why we're here, why we dream, and other grand things like that. And here I am, in a forum dedicated to cutesy Korean MMOs.