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Changed the front page a bit. Some of you need to update your profiles. I think putting your messenger will be helpful as well.

Well here's mine since I deleted it on the front page:

LaTale IGN(s): Yoruhime, Hinoiri, Kurome
Real Name: Kara
Nicknames: Yoru, Hime-sama, Kitty (I tend to be very random in real life; saying meow in the middle of someone's sentence to piss them off :'D)
Birthday: October 29
Messenger: MSN:
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Collecting anime-related accessories, Chatting & chilling with friends, Lurking in the forums, Torturing FrenchBread members...
Timezone/Place: EST (Canada, Ontario)
Favourites: I listen to all type of music except songs that sound really boring or horrible. I dislike songs with a lot of screamings as well. Songs with a good beat/rhythm and meaningful lyrics are the songs for me. I love to snack on Pocky and eat Instant Noodle (aka. ramen). I love making sushi and likes to drink tea (green tea, lemon tea, bubble tea...etc.) I love anime and is currently obsessed with an anime called Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
Dreams/ Future Goals: I just want to get a good job (earn enough money to support myself and family) and retire early. I want to write many novels/mangas in my life as well and hopefully have them published. My small goals right now is to practice on my drawing skills. I want to learn to make cute anime dolls and learn how to make tea, the old japanese-fashioned way. I did it once before on a school field trip but I forgot how to now...
Bio/ Other things about you: Hello! My name is Kara Lau! Yoroshiku~ I'm born in Hong Kong but was moved to Canada when I was 2 yrs old. (That makes me an almost-full Canadian? xD). I'm currently a high school student with average marks. I hope to get into a good school and work in the medical fields (e.g. pharmacist). However, I'm actually interest in game design and such but I don't think my parents like that idea. My friends at school describe me as an energizer because I tend to be very energetic. I try my best to be friendly to everyone and I'm very easy-going to everyone. However, some of my close friends know that they shouldn't mess with me. Only a few of my friends witness my angry side and because I'm usually not angry, they get a new sense of fear from me. Don't worry, it's a rare sight to see me 100% pissed.

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