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Originally Posted by Kirikaze
I was looking into those title items... some of them (those that are unavailable to gLunia yet) says it's equiped on "pet (cash)" slot... error?
If it's an error, then in this case, it's not an error on my part.

I didn't put all the info together by hand, I just worked out how to read the .b files and wrote a number of scripts to take all the info out.

I know the two items you are referring to. These i think?
Reiko's Lunia Database
Reiko's Lunia Database

You notice that although the description says you get those titles, it doesn't actually give you a title because it doesn't have an item effect for it. Like these ones do:

Reiko's Lunia Database
Reiko's Lunia Database


My guess is that the first two items were either some sort of old item or maybe some sort of test item, since it's weird for them to have the same slot id as where your pet goes, and likewise as I said they dont have the effect which gives you a name under your char.

Apart from that, I don't really have any other information about those two items.

Edit: Oh by the way, i been a bit lazy and didn't add it in yet. But to update m1s3ri, I did find out all the alchemy info, including the recipes, the possible outcomes for each and the success rates. I'll get around to it soon.

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