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Originally Posted by Rwinna
Erm, I'm going to start updating the Swamp Dungeon maps soon, and I have a question.

Do I just add on all of the new things that I find to the page as it is right now, or may I remove all of the pre-revo items and just rework it all?
I find it easier to delete everything and rework it, but someone else said it might be handy to have the pre-revo info on hand. Try out both approaches and see what works for you.

Originally Posted by Sirnaq
Key quests now come first, like in Rose Garden and several other areas. Should we keep this standard?
-Key Quests
-General Quests
-((Story Quests: where in the list?))
-Monster Quests
-Party Quests
-Boss Trial
A standard would be good, and I think that one is fine. I can help update any pages that don't meet that standard. Also, if there are any other types of quests (such as the Ankh Pendant Quest in Desert Beach), they should just be added to the bottom of the list. That way, people won't get too confused.

Originally Posted by Sirnaq
Btw, how do you know exactly what skill a monster use ? Sometimes the monster strikes I have a Guard Break icon, saying "Magic Defense Failure" or something. How to know if monter's hit is a regular attack or if she uses a skill like Stone Strike ?
The way I can tell is if "Power Attack!" shows up in an explosion when the monster strikes. As for telling the difference between these skills, I'm not sure, but "Power Attack!" definitely shows up.
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