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I'm done with removing the images from black swamp quests. If someone is willing to finish the monster quests images, I let it to him.

Key quests now come first, like in Rose Garden and several other areas. Should we keep this standard?
-Key Quests
-General Quests
-((Story Quests: where in the list?))
-Monster Quests
-Party Quests
-Boss Trial

Many Black swamp items now have new small images (like Mucin, Feel Eye, Slythis Jelly, etc), so i've uploaded them, with minor adds on Swamp Field maps. These pages looks really terrible

I'll finish black swamp monster page later, pretty much everything is up to date from path to swamp Monsters, to swamp field. The Dungeon Monsters will come later.

Btw, how do you know exactly what skill a monster use ? Sometimes the monster strikes I have a Guard Break icon, saying "Magic Defense Failure" or something. How to know if monter's hit is a regular attack or if she uses a skill like Stone Strike ?

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Okay I got it. This wiki stuff is actually pretty fun xD
Good job Saka, with the snow set. I'm glad you enjoy editing the wiki ;o