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Default Gladiat's Sieg Core Skill Guide

There are many variations of Sieg builds, but they should all contain the core skills for Sieg, and may change according to the type of playstyle they have (PvP, Hybrid, Stage), and their individual requirements for their build.

Here is a template of Sieg's core skills, and this is what basically EVERY SIEG needs.Keep in mind that these are not here to force you to use them. This is merely a guide for helping you make your character.

Template of core skills for any build:
Lunia Skill Simulator

Template of core skills for stage build:
Lunia Skill Simulator

Template of core skills for hybrid build:
Lunia Skill Simulator

Template of core skills for PvP Build:
Lunia Skill Simulator

You may notice that the core skills for these builds are almost the same, or ARE the same. Here these templates are basically a guide to help you create your build. Some people may object at some parts, but I am not looking at what a group of people have. I am looking at almost the ENTIRE Sieg population, down to playing styles.

I will go over some core skills, but not all skills because it would make the thread WAY too large, and I prefer to have a scroll bar that I can see. I am giving a general description, so it is not too complicated.

Here's a few formulas for calculations. It would make the guide far too mixed up if these were included in the skill section. Assume all skills are at their maximum levels.


DPS (Damage Per Second)

Factors include cooldown and total damage. DPS Calculated by average damage divided by cooldown. This is your average output damage for the skill (Assuming the skill is used whenever possible).

NOTE: This won't include defense factors, nor damage bonus/decay or criticals.

ME (Mana Efficiency)

The ratio of mana efficiency is calculated by the mana cost divided by the cooldown, and that is your mana cost per second, assuming you're using the skill every time it is off cooldown.

NOTE: This does not include the mana you regenerate per second, nor the occasional mana being lost by being attacked.

DPS to ME (Damage Per Second to Mana Efficiency)

This formula is pretty simple. Take your DPS, divide it by your mana, and that is your mana efficiency. This calculates your damage for every point of mana used.

NOTE: This does not include defense factors, damage bonus/decay nor criticals.

% Chance (Chance of a skill happening)

There's a few skills that you might want, and the chance increase by %. An example of this is deadly blow. At level 1 it has a 3% chance, at level 2 it has a 4% chance, level 3 has a 5% and level 4 has a 6%. So is this skill worth leveling? (I won't complete the example, but you'll get the general idea of the skill and the purpose of this formula)

Well.. seeing as Level 1 gives you a 1/33 chance of a critical, level 2 has a 1/25, level 3 has 1/20, level 4 has 1/16.6666666...

To compare, there are a number of ways. First is to look at the denominator of each fraction, and the number it changes by is the additional success rate. Assume that the numerator is constant, and is 1. (Numerator refers to the term at the top of a fraction, and the denominator refers to the term at the bottom of the fraction).

Another way is to change the fractions to have the same denominator. Before you do that, round all the denominators to the nearest whole number. Now find the lowest common denominator. When the denominators are the same, the top number shows you approximately how many times something will happen when it is done X times, with X being the number in the denominator.

Assuming you have all the figures for deadly blow, you can now see what I mean. The increase in success rate decreases as it gets higher. However, what makes this not worth it is the % increase. The skill increases by 1% success rate, so it barely changes. However, if it was like minimize damage, where success rate increases by 20% with every point after level 1, this would change the problem entirely!

The key thing in this is to see if the skill meets the following:
1) Follows your play style
2) Is actually worth putting points into. An example of something not worth doing is pouring points into Whirlwind Wave past level 4.
3) You have sufficient points to make the skill useful, and this skill is one that you will actually use often given the chance, not once in a lifetime even when it's already off cooldown.


This is a skill vital to all builds. This is the main skill used in combos. It gives decent air time on the last kick, and has a short cooldown. Also, it has the highest DPS out of all skills, but also has the worst ME of all skills.


Another vital skill in every build. It is used in combos, and has a relatively short cooldown. This skill is used more for knock downs, and stalling for mana regeneration.

Iron Hammer

The highest damaging skill on any unjugglable/frozen target. This skill is probably the most wanted skill because of looks, damage, and you finally get it at level 60!

HP Increase

What can I say? Increases your HP like mad so you can kick butt longer, or get your butt kicked longer :P
All I have to say is this skill has to be maxed because of the skills that require you to use HP (Provocation, Rage Explosion, Playdead).

Deadly Blow

Gives a change to land a critical, and when it does, multiplies damage by 1.5! Although that doesn't seem like much, at high levels, when you hit someone with a destruction fist that does 1000 base, you end up doing 1500! Sounds pretty good to me!

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