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Lol, so I finally got round to reading all the posts to see what the big fuss is about.

Tbh, I dont know truthfully if a scam really took place or not. I can guess that it might have, judging by the rude remarks Inferno made at Zhade, but thats really poor reasoning for nailing someone as a scammer. Rudeness is one thing, scamming is another. He could be pissed about a false accusation, for all we know.

I'm just concerned about the validity of Zhade's proof. For someone thats new (?) to this kind of procedure, its unfortunate on his part that he didnt didnt ss the completed transaction, which would've indicated whether Inferno did receive the 52m (as opposed to Zhade cancelling the trade last minute and taking the money back). The time stamps would also have proven a lot. Zhade missed out this crucial ss, which is a shame.

The ss of his gift invent 4 hours after the trade would've been a good idea had he also ss'd the allegedly complete transaction beforehand. But he did not. So, impartially speaking, theres only circumstantial evidence at best against Inferno, and despite the rude comments he made, they really cant be sufficient proof that hes a scammer. I wouldnt be surprised if he does turn out to be one because he acted like a jerk, but if you guys really want to be technical about things, this is just not enough proof .__.

edit: I'm not trying to defend someone whos acting like an ass shat or who is believed to be a scammer. Just pointing out the situation as it looks like to me, objectively and without bias.