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is back. 4nao .
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Lessee. ^ ^; Time for me to phail.

1. I have a few equips that I've drilled up from the Swamp Fields. I don't know how to add the info in without screwing up the wiki pages. Should I just copypasta the basic info from another equip and just change the values around, like with compounds and all?

2. IMHO, I really don't think the gifs are necessary for the quest pages. It kind of frustrates me trying to load the page to finish up the Black Swamp quests, and I'm forced to wait a few minutes as the spinning galder coupons of doom appear. . .slowly.
Having them on map pages, however, is okay, because it helps identify things, and it doesn't necessarily take up too much space and time to load.
Also, I helped add some of those piccies and I don't want them taken off.
. . . Jk. But srsly. Yeah. No, no. I don't mind. Cerealli. Stop reading this. D8

3. I'll give a helping hand w/ the Swamp Dungeon drillables, because
1) I still need stuff there.
2) I have four Bling Drills and I'm DYING to use one instead of those slow Swamp Drills.
3) I have ID, although it fails to detect items 99% of the time. ;~;
4) If I can manage to NOT procrastinate, I'll be able to free up some valuable time for this.

4. The Marx Refining Event is an event, so go ahead and add it. x3;;;
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