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[QUOTE=Dragon;615331]I don't see how I contradicted.

All I said was that the loss of the money was not shown. In my first quote, I said that it doesn't help because it doesn't show that he lost 52M because the decrease was only 30M. Same meaning with the 2nd quote. I don't understand how that you can see that with the gift history, that you assume the money was received by InfernoKill

If swearing made you think that he is a scammer, then are you saying that scammers like to swear? Most of the time, scammers pretend to be nice and friendly because that's how they get you to buy. As for Inferno and Sony, they have a temper like that, I don't think you should take it seriously at all when they say something like that.

Lmao....I just know for a fact that he didnt scam becaue I was at his house I just hate how people get all worked up over a game. Lol scammers yay? Go cry about it =.=