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Originally Posted by Dragon
Why did we kick Inferno....This is getting weird.

Also the person accusing Inferno, do you have the screenshot of after you paid? The loss of money doesn't really help.
Originally Posted by Dragon
Let's get back on track. I don't think that InfernoKill should be on the list mainly because he hasn't shown himself actually losing the money. There is no evidence of the trade ever occuring.
Those are very contradicting statements.

From the evidence, it looks as though Zhade was buying Evil Horns for 52mil. Since he's new, he didn't know which screenshots to take (but he did take screenshots, nonetheless).

From the first screenshot, you can see that he has the "Waiting for Confirmation from your counterpart" message (which means there's a possibility that InfernoKill did take the money).

The 2nd screenshot is taken 4 hours later, and there's nothing in his gift history (which means if InfernoKill did take the money, he didn't gift him the item, which counts as a scam. If I'm not mistaken, it doesn't take 4 hours for an item to be gifted to someone).

The final two screenshots are just comments, but if you compare his comments to previous scammers, they're nearly in the same context ("You're a noob," "No one believes you," etc.). Also, why would he say these things if nothing happened: "You had to get me logging off." "You didn't screenshot the MyShop." If the trade didn't occur, then I don't think he wouldn't have mentioned those things at all.

Now I'm not saying it's definately a scam. But from those screenshots, InfernoKill is someone who I would NOT trust when buying MyShop (especially when looking at his comments, which are both cruel and arrogant. Telling someone to "just quit?" How rude..).
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