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o thx, fast reply is fast

So, for the time being, I'll simply add Snow gears in the second sword table, before we forget it completely. We can always improve the whole page later on.

Btw, I was the one who's changed _TOC_ to _NOTOC_ on those pages when I revamped them. I'll set it to TOC again, np.

Marx event: sure, let's do it then.

Images removal: it will be long since it's a quest-by-quest work, but it has to be done before it comes to somebody else's mind to add more images everywhere :/

As we talk about it, I just noticed that all the Boss Seals are now being displayed at the bottom of the main page. Should we keep it as is? I have the weird feeling that gathering all seals on a single Web page is bad: only a devoted and courageous player, that has defeated every single boss one by one, should have the privilege to see them all on his own Boss Tab... Having a full preview of the seals, and on the very 1st page of the wiki, I'd call that an... heresy! Could we discuss about this, too?

So many things to do, dunno what to begin with