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My responses are below.

Originally Posted by Sirnaq
For the new Eqs section to be complete, we still need Mint Exchangeable, Swamp Set (former "Expedition"), and Tenter Set. No need to hurry for all of those, let's add them to the To-do list.
Will do.

Originally Posted by Sirnaq
I've slightly revamped the Shield Table, here:
Trickster Online:Shield Table - Wiki
Many shields are missing, such as Golden Shield or Mithril shield that can't be obtained from shops. So only Old/Strong versions (monster drops) exist so far. Can someone give a look at it and check if everything's ok?
Looks fine so far. I haven't wandered over to Black Swamp yet, but I'll make a note to add the stats on those missing shields if I see them.

Originally Posted by Sirnaq
I feel sad for those who spend time working on it, but general agreement is that gifs should not invade the quests page. Just have a look at to Episode 3 Quests, or Mirage Island Quests: with a few hundred gifs on each page, we gonna blow the server :/
Question: should we remove them (esp. Black Swamp) ??
I left a note for the person adding the images (Hawk2) to stop by at this thread, but they haven't responded. I think it would be a good idea to remove them, especially if there's not a way to make them optional.

Originally Posted by Sirnaq
How should we proceed with limited-time MS gears, such as Snow Set, Ice penguin and all those stuff? Talking example, the MS Sword List:
Trickster Online:MyShop Swords List - Wiki

There are 2 tables, the first for permanent contents, the second for events gears. Sadly, the second one is somehow "hidden", or at least, hard to find if you don't know by heart how the wiki is made ;p
Need suggestion plz.
There should be a table of contents for the current format. However, I never really liked the format of those tables because of the difficult navigation. We'll need to discuss if/when we should update those pages.

Originally Posted by Sirnaq
I'm currently doing the Swamp quests and it takes an incredible amount of time to complete every one of them. I feel like monster drops have been nerfed like never before, and I only find less than 5~10 useful quest items (when I'm Lucky) with a 200k galders drill... :/
So far I'm still drilling in the swamp area. When I'm done here, I'll give a hand with what can be drillled in the Dungeon. May takes several days/weeks, though.
No problem. Any info that you get is better than none.

Originally Posted by Sirnaq
Should we had Marx refining event to the main page?
I think that would be a good idea. That way people who don't go to the official Trickster page very often will know about that event.

The wiki is getting so much better! Let's keep it up!
Want to see more information added to the Trickster wiki? Visit the Wiki Team Headquarters thread and ask how you can help!

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