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Default Scammer Discussion Thread

Sister thread to the Compilation of Scam Screenshots thread.

Getting rather annoyed/tired with the constant drama post after drama post there, and its aggravating to have to dig through all that for screenshots. I'll see if I can request a mod to move atleast the last few pages of the discussion here.

THIS is the scammer discussion thread. Take any and all topics about scammers out of the screenshot thread and keep it here please.

Little snippet of a quote from Paul on the original thread:
This is it. Discuss, defend, and collaborate here. Do not do it in the MyShop scammers thread. Just like we did with the Hacker Screenshot thread, post a link to your accusation and defend it here.

Originally Posted by Mirae
I'm getting tired of people posting in the Compilation thread instead of actual proofs.

There is a reason why it's only a few pages compared to the 25+ pages as before. I cleaned it out because half the posts were not pertaining to what that thread is about.

If any of you post in their as a discussion, I will negative rep you. Everyone has been told countless times not to do that and yet you, as a member, decide to continue.

If you see this after you posted some random text in that thread, tough luck. You did not read the first post nor did you check this thread.


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