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Neglected perhaps o.o? Zombies are retired >_> Theres no way to get them right now. There was some fiasco that happened during Halloween where people leaked how to get the Zombie dragons and TJ made them go poof for this year. Hes really anal about the whole 'do not tell people on dc forums how to get ______ dragons.'

EDIT: Oh I see, it died. Did it have hatchling sickness? Anything unusual happen with the egg?

Also would like to point out that the seasonal dragons are -actually- considered common, because the caves do actually drop a lot of them, but due to the fact they're only around at certain times, and the Autumns will only be out probably a few days longer (Which makes people who dont have them hustle to try and get one and those that do try to hoard more), all seasonals have been added under 'Rares.' I did put some thought into this beforehand and decided it was the best section to put them under. Thought I'd throw that out there, because there has been speculation whether theyre "rare" or not.


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