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Elements with DoT: Fire, Lightning, Dark, Earth, Wind.

Dark DoT: Wicked flame (started from HellFire).
-Fixed percentage chance of inflicting this status ailment on enemies. Priests can cure this status ailment.
-Highly damaging move. Especially effective against opponents that are unable to heal themselves (e.g. monsters). Damage is a fixed percentage of Hellfire's damage.
-Can be coupled with Dark Commando (but this isn't probably the focus of this guide, as Dark Commando cannot be obtained by Sheeps nor Wizards).
-Hinder snare can prevent the escape of the opponent who is inflicted with wicked flame.
-Cons: Status cannot be inflicted if Hellfire misses. Hellfire has relatively low accuracy, hence decent LK is required. It is noticed that Wicked flame has a larger probability of inflicting if the opponent has lower LK. Hellfire may be seen as a distraction move rather than a killing move, since most players have sufficient HP to tackle a hellfire, and can outpot the wicked flame's damage.

Fire: Pheonix rising
-Insufficient info

Lightning: Tesla Field
-Casts spell on opponent. The AoE is centered on the opponent and will end when the spell's duration time ends, or when the opponent dies.
-Highly damaging move. Tesla Field may not require a large amount of LK for it to strike.
-Coupled with Shard of Glacier for devastating effects as this move can reduce electrical resistance.
-Coupled with Hinder Snare (hybrid move) to prevent escape of the opponent.
-Great for PvP as the spell's effectiveness is fully used. Most in-game monsters (except for bosses) will die before the spell's duration is up.
-Great move for bossing. Shard + Tesla combo yields great results at tackling monsters with large HP.

Wind: Whirlwind
-AoE centered about user. Cancels if user moves.
-Highly damaging move. 1-2 second delay for enemies within the boundary to get hit with damage.
-Coupled with hinder snare for devastating effects.
-Useful for PvM as monsters will come to the player, rather than avoid the player.
-Bad for PvP (unless combo-ed with hinder snare) since other players will attempt to avoid the attack.

Earth: Deadly fen
-AoE spans over a large area
-Decent damage
-Great for PvM as monsters generally come to you.
-Not so good for PvP as players can avoid the spell.

All characters can PvP and PvM. However certain characters are more at an advantage at certain areas. PvP favors LK over HP because if you cannot hit anything (most players in PvP deliberately exchange HP for LK or HV), you lose. PvM favors HP over LK because not many monsters have tremendous amounts of LK (exception of certain boss monsters).
Some mages have SoH, which means HP (or stats in charm) are no longer that big of a concern. Thus they can afford more points in the Sense category.
Mages that uses low accuracy spells (e.g. Dark, AR) will prefer points in Sense category so that their attacks hit more frequently.

The problem with 1414 builds is that, skills will hit a lot less. You will find it hard to die, but you'll find it hard to kill either. 1414 builds are a breeze early on (Mana Arrow is amazingly accurate), however will have problems later on (WT, LK problems).

However, the problem with 1441 builds is that, although your skills are amazingly accurate, you'll die if you didn't master kiting early on. 1441 builds are not beginner build though as supporting one requires it to be well funded (for HP equips). 1441 builds have a huge problem early on (HP problems mainly), however it will be a breeze later on (lvl 1xx-3xx). The added LK from 1441 build is only significant at late levels.

1423 and 1432 are balanced builds, sharing the same problems and benefits as the above two.
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