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Originally Posted by Juno
I thought claymore's had splash and 2handers had dmg D:

Doesn't the claymore get splash upgrades? And it has more dmg at first, I thought the 2hander ousted it with upgrades.
As Glarbage had said, two-handers have longer blades, thus they give more splash, but their damage is usually weaker than a claymore's (probably because of a thinner blade? O_O). When you look at the full-upgrade paths of 2handers and claymores, the max damage upgrades of claymores exceed that of 2handers by FAR (the strongest fully-upgraded claymore goes up to 93, while two-handers get at best 72 which isn't too bad but is nothing compared to that of claymores). However, claymores have horrible balance at maxed-out damage upgrades, so it wouldn't be so pragmatic to use a max damage claymore upgrade if you don't have a lot of dex to back it up.

From what it looks like from the Mabinogiworld Wiki, the fully-upgraded max damage dragon blade does damage comparable to a fully-upgraded claymore (90 damage is a bit under but still very close), with balance that is actually very comparable to that of a 2hander. So it looks like the dragon blade is actually an ideal weapon for those who don't have the dex to back up a fully-upgraded max damage claymore but still want comparable damage. You kind of get the best of both worlds in a dragon blade.

And bipennises...I guess they have nice crit but I'm more of a 2hander/mace guy :|

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