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Ty for the comments, everyone.

In regards to the Black Swamp revo, I haven't gone through the quests yet, but I'll try to fix the leveling guide up when I can. Academics are always getting in my way, so be patient :x

As for the build things, I'd rather not label them "PvM" or "PvP" because, honestly, that's an irrational belief. Any character who can PvP can basically PvM and vice versa. The only thing that changes (in character growth, not playstyle) is which skills you pick first and you'll just be getting them all in the long run, however many people may make it that far. A 1414, in theory, still has more survivability than a 1441. Elements don't decide builds, it's the player that decides it. What other reason would there be for 1414 Fire/Earths? or 1441 ones, since both elements are at odds with each other in terms of accuracy. The builds make you favor one element more than another. Low Charm builds will favor a faster AoE (Wind Blade) and use their long, slow one (Cleaving Terra) to pull, while High Charms can do the opposite (but they act the same, anyway). Builds just tend to affect your playstyle. Which brings me to my "Spam Wind Blade = phail" monologue, but a super-condensed version can be found...somewhere in here...

Anyway, thanks again, guys, I should be updating within the week.

PS: Any word on the DoTs, yet? Come on, I know there are a ton of Fire/Lightnings and Dark casters around. Answer me, damn it, not knowing is bothering me D: