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Default How To: train dodge quickly

Since skills in MegaTen level up per use, dodge could be a real pain with the whole waiting on a monster to fire an evadable ranged attack. So, heres how to train your dodge quickly!

In Suiganami, there is a special type of Pixie with the title "Kissy", these Pixies will NEVER attempt to melee, block, dodge or do anything at all except, fire a ranged kiss attack at you.

The Kissy Pixies are located at the dots on the below map:

Dodge consumes 1MP per use, your natural MP regeneration will not cover this, be sure to bring a handful of chakra gum depending on how long you plan to be there.

I can assure you, this will not be anywhere near as fun as real combat but, it will get the training done infinitely faster than real combat would.

Thank you for reading this short guide on how to train dodge quickly.