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Originally Posted by Sephyrr
Ah. It's good to see a guide for any Knight, but mace...well. I don't know. I don't see many people these days around my level (I'm a loser, yay!). I see Cease and Saint running around, but they are sword Knights (I am one too).

Good job! ^.^

Originally Posted by Tengkar
A few little things:

You skipped lvl 43 =P

Also, I believe you get a free skill point after you save at the Elias stone, you might want to take that into account.

And that SOMEHOW, will allow you to max your (skilled) Club Mastery. I know this probably sounds wierd but looking at the points I have now:

At lvl 74:
5 (Novice) Mastery
3 Mystery Rod
3 Double Crasher
3 Multiple Hits
6 Crazy Hit
10 Stamina Upgrade
10 Iron Armor
10 Magic Armor
10 Pain relief
10 Encouraging Shout (in your case, Weapon Blocking)
4 Bravery shout (in your case, Skilled Mastery)

Total pts used: 74 (73 from lvling up + 1 from Elias)
I have 6 pts to use when I get to lvl 80 which can be used to max bravery shout.

Note: Don't comment on my build, it's subject to change.
Hehe Fixed Lvl 43. And i Kinda Fixed the Elias point i forgot about it
But take a look again

Anny Suggestion Please Post it