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In my opinion, the build you choose depends on what element or character you pick. Earth/Wind is a PvM combination favored by sheeps because Earth skills are useful for leveling in earlier levels, while wind skills are useful for leveling in later levels. For hybrid dragons, Earth/Wind may not be as favored (they'll prefer Lightning/Water [PvP] or Wind/Water [PvM]).

1414: A PvM build. It is also considered an "extreme build". Low LK, meaning skills with low accuracy will have problems hitting unless you have equipment with LK compounded. Best suited for Light mages. WT becomes an issue at higher levels. LK is an issue at lower levels.
1423: Mainly PvM build. Moderate HP, slightly low LK. It ensures larger survivability, and skills hit fairly accurately at higher levels. As mana arrow is a very accurate skill, you will hardly see it miss even with this build. However when it comes to second job skills and Arrow Rush, you might see misses more frequently compared to 1432 builds. You will hit more accurately than 1414 builds though.
1432: Default build. Well rounded, with sufficient LK to tackle both PvM and PvP. However, there is lowered survivability as a result of less HP. HP equipment is needed at medium levels. This is a basic build that is suitable for new players starting out as mages.
1441: PvP build. It is also considered an "extreme build". It is popular amongst those with already established characters who don't mind the thrill of dying more often. At high levels the large amount of LK ensures you can out-LK opponenents (except pure-LK sense types) so that your skills hit them accurately, while their skills miss a lot. Suitable for Dark mages. However the low HP meant that HP compounded equips are necessary. HP is a problem at lower levels.

So, if you were planning Earth/Wind/Light (witch/wizard), 1414 and 1423 is ideal (but 1441 is also plausible, since SoH can make up for the HP loss). If you were planning Earth/Wind/Dark (witch/wizard), 1432 and 1441 is ideal (dark skills need all the LK it can get). If you were planning Earth/Wind (pure; soulmaster), all builds are ideal (HP builds if you are tanking, LK builds if you depend on blessings).

After black swamp revo, some parts of the guide needs to be updated.
-Training at lvl 71-90

Apparently as a result of the update, it is now more difficult for a lvl 7x to hit lvl 9x since Electric snail quests (which provide sufficient exp to boost from lvl 70 to 78) were replaced. Other monster quests that can be done 25 times were removed. Hence it is slightly more difficult for a person to level from 10x to 11x, 11x to 12x, 12x to 13x, and 15x to 16x.

However, it is now easier for a lvl 13x to hit lvl 15x. As a result of Black swamp quests.

It is actually easy to level from 95 to 10x. 10 cash boxes allow you to do 20 ghost blue quests which nets 3 levels. The remaining levels can be obtained from doing other quests as desired. Getting to level 95 would be a pain if you were unable to unlock Mirage island (if you cannot defeat Don Giuvanni).
To add on the training part:
You can start grinding at Techichi fields when you are lvl 9x (or 10x) on Lakis. Repotting might be a problem.
You can actually start grinding at Tapasco fields when you are lvl 13x on Red Salamanders. You need sufficient LK for your spells to hit though.

Don't forget the red salamander's monster quest at level 120. It provides massive exp boost.
It is worth noting that Ghost book monster quest in phantom school gives TMexp rather than base exp.
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