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I didn't even know engputer and Lemon were GMs until I saw the color change. Nice to know that they're actually a part of this community.

I, who lost all faith in MMORPGs, would love to actually see one that isn't a grindfest. Grinding in any form instantly makes the game boring.
MapleStory and Trickster are good examples of grinding games.
LaTale is a good example of a grinding game that includes quests that you grind with.

I'd like to see quests that don't involve me killing 200 turtles for 50 turtle heads because the quest-giver wants to exact revenge on the turtles for killing that person's daughter. I'm not fond of errand quests because they involve me walking form point A to point B. Quests need to be more original and more fun to do. Include some that involves parties, and not things called party quests.

I want to see a combat/skill system that doesn't involve me skill spamming like in MapleStory and LaTale. Make the game a little more skillful.

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