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I've finished working on Oops Wharf and re-arranged all NPCs by alphabetical order. I have also reversed engineered the Azteca NPC table and made all the NPCs that i've worked with, set up like Azteca.

I'll add Black Swamp along with the NPCs but I won't add the quests along with them because I got no idea what quests are available for what level and frankly, i'm too tired for it. Adding Black Swamp in shouldn't be anymore harder than the maps i've previously re-vamped.

Item templates: I'll see what I can do later but one thing about editing templates is that after you have implemented the new one, all the items that have used the previous design chucks a spaz. That's why I had to browse through the entire wiki and re-worked any shop that used the old template ASAP before anybody notices and start flaming me.

Also, in future reference, anybody that starts flaming me that I make too many wiki edits on one map alone can just back off. Things are not perfect, like cars, things need to be fine-tuned constantly. If you think you can do a better job, then do it yourself.

Is anybody interested in doing a little field work? I'm adding Black Swamp as we speak, all I need now is just a few drillers to add in the diggable data.

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