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Neoh333 is on a distinguished road
IGN: Neoh3
Class: Wind/Heal Mage lt_mage
Level: 5x
Guild: Royalty

Hiya <-- Alba18 Smilies ftw by the way!

Read the Guild Rules: yes
Character IGN:Neoh3
Character Job/Class:Mage (Healer)
Activeness: I try to get in as much time as school and other activityies permit, 1-3 hrs Mon - Thurs, 1-2 Friday and Saturday (possibly more, depending on friends).... 1+ Sunday (Could be upwards of 5-10?)
Main Character: Yes
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is:
Not in one

Real Name: Jacob
Age: 16
Nationality/Ethnic: American
Location: Minnesota
Time Zone: -6 GMT; Central
What you do for a living: Student
Type of music you enjoy: Alternative; Rock; Anything by the Foo Fighters
Microphone: no
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: I believe that the community makes the MMO, and seeing as you have a strong, friendly community with active members sounds really great. I've played way too many MMO's with guilds that dwindles away and makes the game so much less exciting. I'm only level 10 at the moment but with the right people and good friends that can be as high as possible in no time .