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Morning Gals, I just woke up so I can't really think straight. I'll remove the extra NPC reference as suggested because I also agree with Sirnaq on this issue.

Regarding equips: Not all monsters drop the same thing because ntreev screwed them up. Vamp Castle is 'supposed' to have all 'Art's and nothing else but some monsters give 'Strong' instead. In jTO it's 'Art'.

NPCs: You can't make certain text bold since it affects all of the text.

Stones/Crystals: Idk, I can't think straight and will re-read this thread later.

Edit: @ Mizuro: Can you do me a favour and structure all the NPCs the way you did with Azteca to all the other Maps i've worked with? I'm asking you this because I have no idea on how to structure NPCs the way you did. So it's better off if I asked the Creators themselves to do it.

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