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Originally Posted by Sirnaq
Wow guys you never stop, so many updates on caballa relics, great!

You've done so much, I won't interfere with your work, just my 2 cents:
-Could we keep NPC's name in bold, and quest link in regular? Bold text makes the font a little bigger, we could spare a little space maybe?
-Quest links: Intead of "Guide Sabrina - Sabrina's Sacred Water", we could remove the NPC reference in those links. "Sabrina's Sacred Water" is enough, since her name and picture are just above? I'm not sure about this, we're so used to see the complete name of the quest everywhere else...
-Columns: 2 columns are really good, less space wasted and everything is clean (Magician Luise and Bard la fimmel and there twice ;o
-Azteca page rosk
Thanks! Here's my comments:

When you say the NPC names should be in bold, should I remove the link or keep it? I can go ahead and change the quest links to regular font in the meantime. I also think it's fine to remove Guide Sabrina's name from the quest link as well. There's no need to repeat it when the NPC is listed right there. It's really only useful when there's several quests listed and you're trying to keep everything in order. And, lol I didn't notice the Magician and Bard NPCs were there twice. I'll fix that.

EDIT: While I was looking at the bold text in the tables I made, the bold is only around the NPC names, but it affects all of the text. I'm not sure how to fix that problem.
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