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Wow guys you never stop, so many updates on caballa relics, great!

You've done so much, I won't interfere with your work, just my 2 cents:
-Could we keep NPC's name in bold, and quest link in regular? Bold text makes the font a little bigger, we could spare a little space maybe?
-Quest links: Intead of "Guide Sabrina - Sabrina's Sacred Water", we could remove the NPC reference in those links. "Sabrina's Sacred Water" is enough, since her name and picture are just above? I'm not sure about this, we're so used to see the complete name of the quest everywhere else...
-Columns: 2 columns are really good, less space wasted and everything is clean (Magician Luise and Bard la fimmel and there twice ;o
-Azteca page rosk

Maps List:
Some minor changes made yesterday, Each town now have its own Category (Paradise, Azteca, Carbigal...), and the (useless) boss categories are removed. I've added the Trials' maps in their related dungeon. Still I don't really like the separation text, like "Tuthankamen's trial:" or so. It shares the same font and color as actived links. Any idea how to improve?

-I'll remove outdated pieces of equipment from all Caballa / Rose Garden monsters. Won't touch the boss, though.
-Btw, are we sure all monsters of an area, always drop the same eqs? Like, at Vamp Castle: Old/Strong/Art Crest Shield, Old/Strong/Art Main-Gauche, same for guns and rods? If so, I'll find a way to make a good, readable list under "Equip Drops" line, with so many items.
-Oh and Stones, Crystals, Bolck/Critical 125... I was thinking about something like this [[Category:TO Compound|Stone/Crystal/Block/Crit_125]]
Needs suggestion, first.

Images quality:
Don't have time to upload more samples, but Nora/Ghost Lance is a very talking example. Now we have three ways of getting images:
-NRI files is the best choice, but many images don't have any black border at all. Despite their High Quality, they look kinda weird.
-In-game screenshots (with settings JPG:high quality). Black border is here but there is quite a degradation in color scheme and details. Sadly, I've spend HOURS doctoring such images, and now they're uploaded T_T
-Third choice: BMP based screenshots. Basically, the perfect solution. Not only will images keep their black border, but BMP is a "pure" format that doesn't compress/downgrade the original file. What's more, it doesn't take so long to doctor it: cropping and setting transparency background takes less than 1mn per file (compared to 3mn with crap-JPG screens). To be honest, the hardest part is to GET the item ingame, and take a screen of it. See Vamp Castle drop rate, you know what I mean

tl;dr yea but now, it's too late

And thx to those who are working on the Pets, the help is much appreciated

EDIT: Minor modification to this page (incense burner + pottery doll added):
Trickster Online:Caballa Relics Dungeon 1 - Wiki

How should we sort these items? By alphabetical order (Relics dungeon 2/3/...) or by quest (Relics Dungeon 1, see link)?

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