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Originally Posted by CrimsonSlyr
Also another thing that Sirnaq has been bugging me about, Images! Should we use the Hi-Quality images taken from the game files that i personally uploaded? (It takes only 30 seconds to make but doesn't have a black border tho) or Should we use the Low Quality images taken from the screen shots that still have that black border but takes several time consuming hours to edit? (the one Sirnaq wants)

Edit:A Good Example of High Quality Images and Low Quality Images are Ghost Lance and Nora Lance.
Ghost=High Quality.
Nora=Low Quality.
Hmm, the low quality lance looks better, but I'm not that great with editing images, so I wouldn't be able to help out with that right away. Someone would have to teach me how to carefully edit images so that they'll look nice. This issue only applies to certain images I think, though, because most of the NRI files have pink backgrounds, so changing that isn't a big deal.

EDIT: One thing we could do is just edit the high quality images when necessary. That way we can keep the quality and and black border.
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