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Alrighty, so Pottery Doll & Ashtray can be found at Relics Dungeon. Since you (Sirnaq) are the one who found them, why not add them onto the Relics Dungeon pages.

Regarding Copper Bell, i'll fix it up, i was so in a hurry that i didn't notice.

I figured out how the NPC white background works and can replace it with any colour I like. Look at my user page, under templates and see how i set up the lion NPC. Simply change the HEX symbols for different colours.

I think its a great idea to remove the old equips from the monsters that no longer drop them, however some boss monsters still drop those equips along with the Revo-ed ones (count blood).
I don't think Count Blood has been 'fully' revo-ed yet because he doesn't drop Ultimate's yet.

About MyShop..If you see any of them in game just screen shot them and leave it till later since there are other priorities to deal with, such as maps, quests and other things that are more beneficial on the long run.

Now onto my own questions, MAPS! There are no specific guidelines saying how big maps should be (as long it doesn't exceed the image quota and be too big for it to fit the page). I think we need a uniform image size for long maps, tall maps and regular maps.

Also another thing that Sirnaq has been bugging me about, Images! Should we use the Hi-Quality images taken from the game files that i personally uploaded? (It takes only 30 seconds to make but doesn't have a black border tho) or Should we use the Low Quality images taken from the screen shots that still have that black border but takes several time consuming hours to edit? (the one Sirnaq wants)

Edit:A Good Example of High Quality Images and Low Quality Images are Ghost Lance and Nora Lance.
Ghost=High Quality.
Nora=Low Quality.

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