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Default Guild Update

as most of u noe cujo has temporarily quit latale. in the mean time i have temporary hold as leader until further notice. ill need to wait till everyone is back from ne vacations or wut not so that i can give everyone the info n that everyone has a chance. i will level the guild when the guild gets there so there is no need to worry bout the guild leveling. until then i will be scheduling runs for the guild for guild funds. i understand that u all want a new guild emblem. well if thats true then i need cooperation from everyone. if u can't donate the dont worry bout it but if u want to help wit funds then sign up for a run. runs will be ne dungeons availabe n u will sign up to the right dungeons according to ur levels. for now please tell me the days ur open n the times ur open so that i can make a good schedule for everyone. thank u . THERE WILL BE MORE INFO UPDATED INTO THIS THREAD LATER!

12/06/08 (Sign up)
The schedule is based on wut hours everyone is free n what days everyone is free. Once the schedule is fixed then we can place the runs on those days n times. If something comes up n u can't make it to the run then that is fine. If it's possible for u to tell me ahead of time then please contact me through here or through MSN at so that i can tell the others n make ne changes if needed. THESE R ROUGH HOURS! THEY CAN BE CHANGED!

Hours: 9am-12pm/4pm-7pm (PST), 12pm-3pm/7pm-10pm (EST), (Tues./Wed.=GMT) 12am-3am/7am-10am

Hours: 9am-12pm/4pm-7pm (PST), 12pm-3pm/7pm-10pm (EST), (Wed./Thurs.=GMT) 12am-3am/7am-10am

Hours: 9am-12pm/4pm-7pm (PST), 12pm-3pm/7pm-10pm (EST), (Thurs./Fri.=GMT) 12am-3am/7am-10am

Hours: 9am-12pm/4pm-7pm (PST), 12pm-3pm/7pm-10pm (EST), (Fri./Sat.=GMT) 12am-3am/7am-10am

Hours: 10am-12pm/2pm-4pm/8pm-10pm (PST), 1pm-3pm/5pm-7pm/11pm-1am (EST), (Sat./Sun.=GMT) 1am-3am/5am-7am/11am-1pm

Hours: 6am-9am/1pm-4pm (PST), 9am-12pm/4pm-7pm (EST), (Sun./Mon. =GMT) 9pm-12am/4am-7am

Hours: 6am-9am/1pm-4pm (PST), 9am-12pm/4pm-7pm (EST), (Mon./Tues.=GMT) 9pm-12am/4am-7am

Please sign up according to the level you're at. This is for anyone who wants to help wit the guild funds. Any urns, weapons (including special dungeon items), NPC items (not including pots) etc. will be sold, if sellable, otherwise NPCed, to be put towards the guilds funds for a new emblem. Anyone that is above the recommended level range for a dungeon can still sign up for that dungeon but it's a first come basis so sign up as soon as you can. If someone needs to finish a scenario quest in a dungeon then they'll be put into the dungeon if they signed up for it. The party can be adjusted so that the run will be successful. For example, im not going to have 4 level 33 people in an invoke run, so i'll add 2 higher leveled people that also signed up for that dungeon. The other two that were taken out of that run will be placed on the next run. Once all the first 4 slots r taken then i'll add you to the next 4 slots. I will not let a run happen wit only 2 people. There must be 3 or four people for a run to happen. SIGN UPS R OPEN!

*Invoke (Lair of the Evil Dragon)*
Level 25 (Quest is Open)
Level 30-45 (Recommended Level Range)
1. Pantsu
2. Jiany
3. Iyndis

*Hyunmu/Shaowee (Shangri-La)*
Level 37 (Quest is Open)
Level 42-52(Recommended Level Range)
1. lordlee
2. Pantsu
3. Jiany
4. Iyndis

*Dark Moon Princess (The Moon On the 16th Day)*
Level ??? (Quest is Open)
Level 55-65 (Recommended Level Range)
1. Pantsu
2. Jiany
3. Kazero
4. Iyndis

*Sphinx (Pyramid?)*
Level ??? (Quest is Open)
Level 70-85? (Recommended Level Range)

Theres another dungeon but i forgot wut it was xD. Someone help me wit that n ne other mistakes u may see here. I believe the dungeons through DMC r fine but im not sure bout the sphinx dungeon. Ur input is welcomed . If u feel that this isn't a good idea then please give me another idea that will work. I'll look into it n see what we can change or add. Thanks!

600k? - Leo & ??? (not sure who the other person is)
1mil - Iyndis
1mil - (forgot who this was xD)
50k - lordlee

Currently = 2.65mil (44.2%)/6mil*
*can change due to votes

Invoke Run Times
Wed. (12/17) = 7-8pm PST/10pm-12am EST
Thurs. (12/18) = 7-8pm PST/10pm-12am EST
Fri. (12/19) = 6-7pm PST/9-10pm EST
Sat. (12/20) = 4-5pm PST/7-8pm EST

Hyunmu/Shaowee Run Times
Wed. (12/17) = 6-8pm PST/9-11pm EST/12-2pm AUS
Thurs. (12/18) = 6-8pm PST/9-11pm EST/12-2pm AUS
Fri. (12/19) = 6-8pm PST/9-11pm EST/12-2pm AUS
Sat. (12/20) = 5-7pm PST/8-10pm EST/11am-1pm AUS

Dark Moon Princess Run Times
Wed. (12/17) = 6-8pm PST/9-11pm EST
Thurs. (12/18) = 6-8pm PST/9-11pm EST
Fri. (12/19) = 6-8pm PST/9-11pm EST
Sat. (12/20) = 4-6pm PST/7-9pm EST

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