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Hello Arcfalcon, glad to see more volunteers helping us with the wiki

About stat range, weapons can be checked via Alan's window, and Pet trainer Sarah for pets, it can help. Oh and don't worry too much if you're affraid to mess up, there's always a way to get back to the previous version of a page, if things go really bad.

Also, I know some people don't want to edit because of all the "Categories" that are needed at the end of the section, like: TO Weapon, TO Myshop Sword, TO Desert Beach Monsters, and all and all. If you're not sure, the best thing to do is just to add:

<noinclude>[[Category:TO Incomplete|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>

So that someone will take care of this later ;o

Now about the last days updates (@ Crimsonsly):
-Relics Dungeon drilling info: missing Ashtray (quest item), and Pottery Doll (no use). Copper Bell and Letter Earrings are Compounding items, they're not attached to any quest I know( may be wrong)? Letter Earrings takes an "S" (minor detail, i'm a maniac)

-Vamp Castle:I'll spend a little time there to check potions have dissapeared for good, and if anything is missing. Still it looks quite complete as is

-White background around NPCs sections: "xxx area Maps List" have a white bg too, Quests windows have the same bg as well, I think it appears everytime you draw a table like:

Dunno if it can be improved via the CSS, so the bg inherit the grey background that is used everywhere? Don't want to mess up with this, I let it to someone who's used to edit the CSS ;o

About the monsters Eqs Drops now: from Coral Beach to Rose Garden (so far), monsters don't drop Shrewd, Custom, Craft, Chance, etc equips anymore. They're now replaced by old-strong-art-etc. Should we remove the former eqs from the Monsters information pages? Only for areas that have been revo'd, of course.

Same for Bosses: does Tombeth/Count/Soki still drop Masters?

Now I'll focus more on updating the All Hallow's set (at least, with what I have). Azhi 190 is the next step, still I have a question: how far should we go with adding "old" myshop? Corvid and Noxx are missing too, but I think ppl don't really give a sh!t because it will get outdated so fast...

I'm open to any suggestion, if you really want something specific to be created/updated, just let me know ;o

--Sry Mizu, I've invaded your page but it has become the wiki team Head Quarters now