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Read the Guild Rules: yes
Character IGN: Zyoko
Character Job/Class: Warrior, but a hopeful Warlord
Activeness: I play everyday. Mostly 2-3 hours per day, plus or minus one. During weekends probably 4+
Main Character: Yes this is my main.

Real Name: Hello, I'm Renz. It's a wierd name, i know lol...
Nationality/Ethnic: Filipino!!!
Location: Gilroy, Califonria
Time Zone:PST
What you do for a living: Club Volleyball, School Volleyball, and more Club Volleyball lol
Type of music you enjoy: Post-Rock such as: Mono, Deepset, Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, Russian Circles, Caspian, etc.
Microphone: YEP
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: Well the reason I want to join Royalty is so that I could stop being known as a "Guild Hopper" lol. But the main reason I am one is that usually the guilds i join with are either inactive, really boring, or just really dead. considering Royalty has their own sub-forums and stuff, shows just how legit you guys really are. and thats what i'm trying to look for; a guild which is active, fun, not boring, and just a guild in which you could meet and make friends. I'm an extremely loyal guy, who has background in other MMORPG's such as Guild Wars (and if you keep a tab on that mmo, I was part of the Heaven & Hell which was a top 250 PVP guild for a couple of years.) I know this is a bit too long of a resume, but hey....I really want to be apart of this well-organized, seemingly fun and active guild.