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Default The Story/Guide Of MegaTen

Alright,basically,I will be typing everything story related here.
Another thread of quests is in the making.
Also,screenshots will be added later.

Act 0:The Sin Of Weakness

You start off by finding yourself in a large room.

You meet Demon Hunter Kuroe and his pet Cerberus.
After talking to Kuroe,you learn the basics of walking and camera movement.You are told to examine the elevator that is straight ahead,and upon examination,you find it to be completely destroyed.Go back to Kuroe, and you will be told to examine the Industrial Area.

After walking through,at the end,you meet Kuroe and an injured guard.

Barely alive,you find him to have been attacked by what seems like a machete,and that demons have broken into the Industrial Area.
You go further in,and meet your first enemy,a Slime!

You then learn the basics of attacking.You then go further in and see 3 Slimes together.You then go in and learn about the use of the shortcut tab.Experiment abit,and kill off those slimes.You walk further in,and meet a sprite!

Kuroe notices its slow movement,and tells you that it is guarded.The only way to effectively kill a guarded monster is to Rush it.Go into your shortcut tab,and use Rush on it.After killing it,you level up to level 2!
You then learn about looting.

After killing a monster,you will see something appear on top of the monster,indicating loot.To loot,left click the monster,and select to get all the items,or only 1.There is a 2 minute timer upon clicking,so choose fast.You go even more further in,and find yourself upon a locked door.You are then told to look for a control panel.To the left,is a hallway leading to the control panel.Next to it,is a dead guard.

You turn it on,and as you walk next to the door,5 Gacks show up.You are then told to use the Spin skill to kill close targets.Kill all 5 with spin and loot.

You then come to your first big decision.Wheter to go in even if you might die,or not risk it.Whatever decision you make,you then enter the Industrial Area.2 Ghouls appear,and attack!To kill them,you must chain attack them,then quickly counter to kill them.

After killing them,you hear gunshots.Walking to the source of the gunshots,you encounter a big door.You are asked,whether to enter or not.Choose to enter....

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