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Annoying Quests : Totem Poles. I just don't know why but if I am soloing, I can't kill the fire ones at all. The burning + 100~150 damage just annoys the crap out of me (I'm a Knight). Wind are Easy (Courtesy of Sphinx Set), Rock is also easy (Courtesy of no immobilize or burning), and Water are also annoying, though they just immobilize you rather than deal extra damage. Alternatively, I stand outside of their range and use Death Blow/Sonic Blade. Takes time though. Other strategy is to attack them from below a platform with said skills, then hit them with Break and W. Break (still from below). Much faster, but still tedious. If I'm playing safe, I use a lot of Sp pots. If I don't, I use a lot of Hp pots.

Luckily, I have a buddy that plays Wizard...she heals me and deals more damage than me! Hp pot consumption is down by 3/4 and Sp is down by 1/4 (estimated).

LaDeck : Is quite maddening...even though I'm apprarently really lucky. 16 darts and I got Weak Acc Coupon, Bunny Dancing, Two Skill Reset Books, several coupons, pots, and title books. I wanted more than one Acc coupon, but oh well.

Stupid Maps : Okay...who's idea was it to make it impossible to change channels at Longest Tree? Oh well. It's my free Ves teleport. I just tele to Elias, run to Longest Tree. "Change Server", wahla! I end up at Ves.

Crash/DC : Changing channels too much or just plain lag will net in this result. Painful at the top of the Longest Tree or in Instance.