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Lag is definitely still a big problem. I don't think the death penalty is too bad - especially when 10% seems to be the norm - but it's definitely irritating to die due to lag, lose 3%, build it up again, and then lag to death once more.

Puzzles are rather irritating as well - not as irritating as they could be, but I am finding that enchanting is becoming more and more expensive as I level up. Getting anything enchanted above Lv.3 costs about 125k per puzzle, thanks to those damnable puzzle coupons. Combined with the possibility of breaking your equipment, it can run into some real money.

Which brings me to my next complaint - the serious inflation problem. I know this is a problem in all MMOs, more or less, but when I see boss-dropped equipment going for five, six, seven million Ely or more, I don't think, "Wow, that's an expensive item," I think, "Wow, one more item available only to people using goldsellers." Some of the prices on these items are truly insane, to the point where some of it isn't viable to anyone playing the game within the rules.