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IGN: Roboto707
Class: Horny Mech Driving Elf Ninja lt_gunslinger
Guild: Royalty

Read the Guild Rules: Completely
Character IGN: Roboto707
Character Job/Class: Explorer (future Crossbow TH)
Activeness: Up to 10 hours on weekends, maximum 7 hours on weekdays
Main Character: Yes
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is: Unactive members

Real Name: Andrew
Age: 14
Nationality/Ethnic: Vietnamese+White
Location: North Florida
Time Zone: EST
What you do for a living: Student... hardcore gamer.
Type of music you enjoy: D&B, Dance, Techno, Electronica, etc.
Microphone: No
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: This guild looks very strong and promising. Plus, a friend of mine from Cabal Online is in this guild.