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Lol.... just the thread I've been looking for.

And I know I'll rant about the same things people have talked about over and over, but I need to say it anyway? D:

Lag - stupid, stupid frame rate lag, or sometimes when my sprite just stands still in one place and wont move. Or it runs up against the edge of the screen and is still "running" but cant do anything else. And I know this isnt exclusively the fault of my internet connection. >_>

Tedious quests - Ribs/leg bones, old rags, etc. Yeah, we all love them lol *sarcasm* Although, the rib/bone quest isnt THAT hard if you already have a higher level char that either grinds there or can just farm them easily. I still grind on skeletons at the mo and get 99 bones/ribs like nothing o_o have enough to cover both my chars now when they do that quest xD The rag quest is the same too, but a bit harder. I kill 18 sandmen and get only 1 rag? lol ._.

Crowded maps - not latale's fault per se, but sometimes, some maps are quite popular but get so crowded that its the same, no matter which channel you switch to. And... its a 2D game, so unlike Trickster, you cant just "move somewhere else" or lure your own mobs to a corner and grind there. Its so hard to avoid other players, then everyones trying to KS and shit zz.

Tedious maps - I mean the ones where you have to climb a LOT of ladders and ropes, and there are platforms everywhere. Think Dark Moon Castle, Pyramid or Longest Tree. Those are NOT good maps to grind on ._. unless you feel like showing off your rope/ladder climbing speed >_> I much prefer "open" maps like Pyramid Field 1 (Prisprings<3) or Orca Beach, where you can easily lure mobs in bunches, not to mention a great spawn rate. Theres a down side of course... no where to "hide" if you get outnumbered, but its really perfect when you are the right level to grind there.

I think thats about it? D< For now.

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