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Visit #3:

This visit really wasn't supposed to be logged, but since a random Emo name Lledah came by, I decided I would:

*November 29, 2008 5:12 PM EST*

-InnoSensei logs on
-InnoSensei walks around randomly and ends up in Garden of Skill Master, Finds iZelda "afk"
-InnoSensei leaves a message: Inno was here o.o
-InnoSensei walks back to his usual spot
-InnoSensei encounters the Emoguy Lledah
-InnoSensei and Emoguy Lledah start a conversation war (I don't remember the exact conversation, but this is how it basically went):





InnoSensei: o.o;?

Lledah: its all your fault, you and your guild

InnoSensei: uh am I missing something?

Lledah: all because of you, I lost my wife

InnoSensei: I find that hard to believe, because everyone knows I hardly log on Trickster anymore.

Lledah: It's all your fault

InnoSensei: I find that hard to believe, due to the fact I haven't really logged on much for like a month.

Lledah: You'll get yours when the time comes

InnoSensei: are you asking me to pity you?

Lledah: The time will come when something will happen to you.

InnoSensei: I honestly don't care, about whats going on, since your talking to me in this manner. The fact your blaming me for all events and actions that take place is all but cowardly and immature. As my friend states:

"Whatever happens, happens. So when it happens, it was going to happen. So stop worrying about whats going to happen and start worrying about how it will happen, because its going to happen."

Lledah: you have no idea how I feel right now

InnoSensei: that may be true to some extend, but if your saying your case is the worst case scenario out there, then you haven't been living enough. I have been kicked out of my house for 3 days STRAIGHT, I was in my boxers and it happened to be Christmas Eve. I was freezing, try that and tell me how you feel after that. My gf had left me and I was left alone in the darkness of despair. I can understand loneliness and what its like to be alone. I didn't have my friends around when I was kicked out of my house. Good friends are hard to come by, once you find good ones, stay in touch, they are irreplaceable.

Lledah: your story fails to amuse me.

InnoSensei: I didn't tell you this story to amuse you. I told this story to point out that your life is not in the worst possible scenario. Thinking only about yourself, blaming others for whatever goes on, its all so childless.

Lledah: Your time will come.

*Lledah leaves*

*The conversation battle is over, the victor is none I guess?*

-InnoSensei chats with StarBlueSky and Riitsu about random stuff, and EmoGuy
-InnoSensei hands iZelda 100 chocolatechip cookies
-iZelda finished them all REALLY fast D8!
-InnoSensei tells his guild and spies to keep up the good work.
-InnoSensei lost 10 galders to a penguin
-InnoSensei announces "first to talk owes every1 1000 cookies"
-Statement went into arguement, outcome is unknown
-InnoSensei encounters ~BTG~ (~BeyondtheGrave~) and camomage
-InnoSensei is chatting
-InnoSensei decides to log off, fails to do so
-InnoSensei encounters MasternonSense (iton)
-Both say "zup"
-MasternonSense disappears
-InnoSensei logs off

-InnoSensei's total log on time 1 hour 30 minutes and 54 seconds

Quote InnoSensei came up with:

"Everyone starts at the same start, and begin their own separate paths, which in the end all lead to the same absolute end. There is no denying this absolute fact, however it is up to you how you live your life before the end comes. People can set a path for you, but you are the one who will take the journey. Anyone else doing this for you, is not considered your own."


I had combined some quotes from Gintama and Persona 3 as well as some other sources.
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