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Weee forget about that scroll thing lol. I killed my Skywing just on the offchance I -might- be able to take its name, but I still couldnt. I should have just let it rot long enough to where their names vanish off the scroll from inactivity lol ;-;

Anyway, Ive been experimenting with my eggs/hatchlings lately. Soon as I get one or one hatches, I basically just leave it on my scroll. I dont post it anywhere until they have about 4-3.5 days left. I post them the entire day, and usually they can rake up about 1k-1.5k views. Best thing is? They have yet to get softshell from this.

Also, in case no one has noticed yet, if you have eggs about to hatch or hatchlings ready to mature, if you still have about 4 days left on them or so, they will typically mature around the 3.5 day mark. I dont know why, thats just the time lol. Thats why I wait until about 4 days left, I'll usually end up maturing it within about 24 hours.