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IGN: ShotInTheHeart
Class: Scientist to_lion
Guild: Ecks T.C.

Name: Carl

InGameName: ShotInTheHeart/ ZeroSympathy/ EmptySpaces/ SilentSymphony/

Age: 18

Contry of Origin: Philippines

Likes: TO, data mining, code programming, comics (from Marvel, DC, manga and manwha), my laptop, my PC, Torrent downloading, Chip's Challenge,, school -shrugs- xD

dislikes: High-maintenance girlfriends, the urge to AFK, in-game wannabes (posers, so to speak "I'm a GM!" xD), big red signs that lights up in your face, zero bullets in the inventory, being Overweight in-game, that's mostly it (of what I can think of, that is) xD

Time Zone: GMT +8

And so I saw this thread and I wanted to post. ^^
Credits to trixicat for the chibi-lized me