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Default Game Time~

heeeyyz...lets play a game . maybe most of u already noe this game...neways, its a vocab game lolol. ill start wit one word n wit that word ill change one letter or add a letter. it has to be a real word...cant be a word u make up. u can use the dictionary for help lolol. soo wutever word is created u have to start wit that word. u can only add one letter or change one letter from the word u cant do both n u cant change or add more then once. u also cant use the same word more then once. also u cant switch the order of the letters. u can only add or change the letter. okiz ill start...

cat --> hat


1. dont repeat words from the same current game! u can repeat ne words used from a previous game
2. u can use a dictionary
3. only real words can be used
4. u can ONLY ADD OR CHANGE a letter (shadow failed this) it doesnt mean u can drop a letter n it doesnt mean u can do both at the same time!
5. u cant switch the order of the letters
6. have fun~

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