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Originally Posted by Lilica
Meh,I might be transferring form my school after this,if thats the case o lordy yes they can keep me here for a while.Mostly cause I coughed up blood after I got into a fight with this dude who refused to take a no when he hit on me.You can insult me,but I lost it when he started insulting my friends and family.He punched me once in the stomach.And I buried my acupuncture needles into the back off his knees.And a stray one may have hit his crotch but regardless,YOU DUN MESS WITH ME FRIENDS AND FAMILY.also now its Cory in the House,I DUN CARE IF HE'S IN THE WHITE HOUSE.I CAN JUST GO INTO A WHITE PAINTED HOUSE AND SAY OMGI'MINTHEWHITEHOUSE!
What! Some guy punched you in the stomach! I should teach that pansy a lesson on why men should never hit women. God, dudes like him really piss me off. Anyways I hope you get better and back to tip-top shape. When you come back you can join Cross and I in the land of the 80s haha.