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Thumbs up The Concerto Gate MMOG Seer Event!


You don't even have to have played Concerto Gate to participate in this event! For the uninformed, Concerto Gate had a two-week-long Closed Beta in July, and since then, there have been no real updates about Closed Beta 2. Hopefully, it will be released soon, but we want you MyMMOGamers to predict the release date! Guess the closest and get a head-start on your fellow gamers at release! Who will be the Concerto Gate seer of MMOG?


To participate, simply PM me with your prediction, which should include the month, day, and year. Please also state, preferably in the title of your PM, that you are entering this event. Those who choose not to follow this outline will not be considered. Also, SERIOUS entries please. No "February 69, 1337" or other entries of that nature.

The first 15 applicants will be accepted, and just for fun, their predictions will be posted in a poll for everyone to vote on. The winner of that week-long poll will receive a prize at release as well as the person whose guess is closest.


The person who is the winner of the poll will receive 400G. The person who guesses the closest will receive 800G. This gold will be supplied by me.

End Notes

This is just a fun little event to get people somewhat hyped up again about Concerto Gate. You have nothing to lose in entering this event and plenty to gain, so enter now!

Liability Stuff

Rules and prizes are subject to change. In no way am I affiliated with GamesCampus, OnNet USA, or Square Enix. This event is called "The Concerto Gate MMOG Seer Event!" because it's on MMOG, but I, not MMOG, take full responsibility for anything that should happen.