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1) The person who wrote this must have been a Nazi. People naturally like blond hair and blue eyes? Give me a break!

2) Some people might be into this stuff, but others are obsessed over having one person to themselves.

3) I don't think either sex benefits. The author is forgetting the fact that 90% of women practicing polygyny are forced into it, this isn't the animal world where we woo all our mates. Later in the article the author also says that women are not as interested in sex as much as men, if this is true (and I am not saying it is, just using the author's words) then why would they "benefit" even if their husband was a desireable mate. If there are multiple women in the equation, then it is impossible for her to have her husband to herself in a long term relationship. (I'm going to assume that in polygyny women are just there for sex because I don't really see why the man would be interested in having multiple wives otherwise.)

4) I hate to agree that I can see the point the author is trying to make. Still, I hate the way Islam is portrayed nowadays. I wish I could do some research and put down this arguement, but I don't feel like doing it now. Barely anyone practices polygyny anyways and it is illigal in some Islamic countries.

5) I hope this is not true in modern society.

6) I can see what they are trying to say, but again I hope this is not true in modern society.

7) I understand the first half, but what they talk about in the second half has nothing to do with anything.

8) Okay I see the point they are trying to make, but I don't think everyone goes through this.

9) Yea, I get this. But this has to do more with kings than presidents, and again I hope this fades in modern society.

10) I hope people don't shoot me if I say I agree with this. I think that gender equality is important, be we need to be careful to make sure that the whole world doesn't get too feminist. It is like a pendulum really. Up until now the pendulum has been far into the male side, and the world has worked hard to push it to the centre, but if we pushed too hard the weight could be going into the female side. If men didn't harass women in the workplace, it would mean that they are discriminating against men. Though I think we all would agree it would be better if nobody harasses anyone.

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