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Originally Posted by Azusa
This sounds like another terrible case of generalization.

Not to mention knowledge vs. experience. Scientists and researchers can observe their subjects all they want, but I would not take what they say at face value, even if they explain things throughly and in a persuasive manner.

Which gets me to the point of persuasion: This article is written in a very persuasive tone as if to enlighten the uneducated and oblivious masses... such a tone should not be necessary when the topic should be second nature to us. If what is written is really "human nature", that is.
It can be seen as us not realizing our faults but as I see it, it is just some things I can agree with, and others that make me go: O_o;
Everyone tries to write in such a tone to grab the attention of the reader, throwing in hardcore facts throws everyone into a dull state and they tend to forget about the article. I'd almost liken this as humor but you can find above examples to exist, even if you don't ifnd yourself in such positions to observe how many humans can behave.
You can also go with "hmmm, so I'm above the idiot population" if you want.