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1. I strong disagree with. I feel it is full of crap unless we're talking about idiots and less sophisticated individuals; that's just my opinion though.
2. I can agree with, we are quite polygamist we just have contracts that attempt to defer these actions with the results of losing half the man's assets should anything be false in that signing.
3. I can agree with as well. Most women will get more by flirting around while men won't realize they can lose a lot unless they are extremely hawt like Johnny Depp.
4. I can agree with to an extent, mainly for the fact of them being told what they'll get in heaven, even by their religion if they ever do end up in hell; it is a temporary result, people who practice Islam are promised to arrive in heaven at some point in their afterlife.
5. I'm pretty lost on this one @__@ No comment really.
6. Same as above.
7. Is just a dark and probably depressing thing to think about how you'll end up in a few decades D:
8. Menopause being called the cause and effect of mid-life crises?@_@
9. I agree with these comments, and it only makes good news moments for many...
10. Blame the wrong feminism. The ones that want men extinct rather than equality in the world.

I'm just amazed, I thought this would've delved more into the id rather than some things that can be called social stigmas or weird topics.