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Class: Gunslinger & Meister & Mage lt_gunslinger
Level: 11x & 11x & 7x
Guild: Royalty
Default application

Read the Guild Rules: yes
Character IGN: Ciel4
Character Job/Class: Explorer (crossbow)
Activeness: about totaly 5~8hours weekdays(midnight), 2~3hours weekend, +3hrs if schedule is open. (In a university right now, if testing, club stuff, family stuff, i may not be on as often.)
Main Character:Yes

Reason for leaving the previous guild: Inactivity of 95% of guild members including the inactive guild leader. Many members that had 0%~1% contribution only.
Only about 3 or 4 people were actually contributing a good amount.

Real Name: Hideyuki
Nationality/Ethnic: Japanese
Location: Dallas, Texas (USA)
Time Zone: central
What you do for a living: Masterate degree university student(CS Masters), translations and japanese class tutor for the university. PC gaming.
Type of music you enjoy: J-pop, jazz, classical, techno, euro, etc.
Microphone: no (broken), will get it fixed sooner or later.
Reason You Want to Join Royalty: Invited by Kibby and Cookie. Wanted to join an active friendly guild.