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This one is a bit tough.

As it has already been affirmed Senpai falls to Kenjii in artistic prowess this round. So Kenjii has a head start advantage right there.

When it comes to Style I feel they are both about the same; though I think Senpai has a slight edge. However, either way Kenjii still has at least a small lead at this point.

Eyecatch - This is a mix of personal preferences with artistic merit. Namely does it stand out? Do I notice it? etc. Neither one really comes in a clear lead, however, Senpai's does catch my eyes a bit more(I think it might be the color scheme, it is 'stronger').

In the end my choice comes down to who better symbolized the theme as I interpreted it. Which isn't good for either participant. I was unable to sit through the whole song/video, so my grasp on it is weak and I am already in weak in the area of interpreting music. All said and done I don't think either did a great job of interpreting it(but as said my interpretations are usually way off), but Senpai came just a bit closer with the imagery used in the signature.

Therefor, in this one I will go with Senpai as my final vote. I really had to debate on whether or not to vote this time. It is somewhat out of my league. Interpretations are a pain in the butt to judge, imo.
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