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IGN: Strikey
Guild: no need guild i am gud playr

Joined not too long ago and haven't been too talkative
Anyways.... i've played Trickster for quite awhile now and my main characters are..
StRiKeNiNjA357 - My Water/Lightning/Light Wizard, Pure LK, Retired, i only play him if i wanna gvg/pvp or gather items, he's 22x
StRiKeNiNjA343 - My Priest, Pure MA, Not very active, he's 14x
LastSymphony - My Cyber Hunter and my first active lion, decided to make him when i saw all my left over guns from lolboxes and gacha, Pure AC, at first i made him so that i could see how much LK i could get with my equips from my dragon with Aura of Luck and Lucky 7 then ended up using him as my main.

The other games i play are Latale and Grand Chase but got bored of both of them and didnt play them anymore.

i like playing my DS and PSP. I'm currently waiting for Prinny to come out on PSP and Chrono Trigger to come out on DS. Right now, im playing FF4 and Luminous Arc 2. I'm addicted to Tetris.

And i wuv my Symphie~<3

That is all...i think
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